History of a city

In our venues, you will be able to discover important fragments of the history of the city of Castelló and revive its past, from the Ancient Age to Contemporary times.

Civil War (1936-1939)
That is how it happened, it happened to us and not so long ago. The air-raid shelter of the Tetuán Square, restored and themed, shows the impact of the Civil War on Castelló, how the population defence was organised through a network of shelters, and the traumatic experience of survival in the tunnels.
Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Located in a manor house dating back to the eighteenth century, the Ethnological Museum is a window to a recent past. A magnificent collection that talks about guilds, economic structure and life in the city.
This bell tower, symbol of the city, reveals wonderful views and an interesting history. Its name, 'fadrí', which in Valencian means 'bachelor', is due to its location, separated from the cathedral.
Twentieth Century
The Sea Museum in El Grau houses a private collection of 274 pieces, consisting of nautical charts, tackle, navigation equipment and models, showing the relationship of Castelló with the sea, its fishing tradition and the port history.
Andalusian Castle
An audiovisual, an exhibition and a didactic itinerary reveal the historical image and the constructive techniques of Castell Vell, after a long period of restoration and archaeological research. Declared Cultural Heritage Site, Castell Vell is the origin of the city of Castelló and an example of Islamic military architecture.
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