The “Caminàs”, a wide road crossing the Castelló orchards, is the backbone of an old network of country roads. Built before the Roman domination, the Caminàs run all the way to the south until joining the Ro-man Via Augusta and the first settlements sprouted around it as Muslim farmhouses. Over time, a number of chapels […]
Castell Vell is a fortification of Andalusian origin. It was the capital city of the district until it was conquered by Jaume I in 1233, who divided the territory into Almassora and Castelló. The granting of the Privilege of Transfer to its inhabitants in 1251 resulted in the foundation of the current city of Castelló. […]
The Second Republic (1931-1939) was the first period of democratic government in the history of the Spanish State. It was a modernising effort, with important social and economic transformations, accompanied by a significant cultural drive across many sectors; a period not without social conflict and volatility. The itinerary includes an initial introductory panel and 10 […]
The part of the wall (13th-18th century) that we will visit stretches from Hernán Cortés Square to San Luis Street. Built using a mud wall technique, the wall has a pebble concrete, sand and lime foundation. Sant Pere or Alçaments Tower, located in Las Aulas Square, is one of the best-kept remains. The itinerary includes […]
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