Castelló City Museum

Organising and showcasing the heritage

The Castelló City Museum (Mucc) was created in 2018 with the aim of integrating, researching, preserving and disseminating the heritage kept by the city itself and organising it in a way that promotes a better understand the history of Castelló, from the Ancient Age to Contemporary times.
From the Roman site of Vinamargo, to the Islamic fortress of Castell Vell, the medieval wall or the air-raid shelter and through the different venues and historical itineraries, the Mucc visitor will be able to know and be part of the events, habits and customs that outlined the city through history.
The Mucc is considered a modern and dynamic entity, in continuous evolution, open to change and new technological resources. It projects the renovation and increase of venues and itineraries with the aim of forming the most faithful and didactic representation of the city’s historical reality.

Learn about the history and heritage of Castelló by visiting each of our venues.